What Do You Look Forward to this 2018?


The past year has been filled with challenges and victories. But just like opening a new page, let us welcome the new year with a fresh start and an optimistic heart. H&L asks some friends about what they look forward to this year.

Here are some of their answers:

Dr. Donna Fe MarquezDr. Donna Fe Marquez

Emmanuel Hospital

I am looking forward to fulfilling my “before 40 goals” that is to travel and have more adventures with my son while he’s still a kid, have a healthier eating habits, have a prosperous and serene 2018 and to give my best service as an instrument of healing for God and humanity.

Joyce SierraJoyce Sierra

Media Liaison Consultant Action for Economic Reforms

I look forward to sustained graces from God in terms of illumination to continue with my spiritual practice, and love and compassion, inner healing and bountiful material blessings for my family & loved ones. May 2018 bring peace, harmony and healing for the Philippines, learned lessons, and divine will that good always prevail.

Henrylito D. TacioHenrylito D. Tacio

Science Journalist
H&L Columnist

More travel perhaps and more challenges. There are so many things to write and you just discover them how to present them in a different perspective. After all, there is nothing new under the heat of the sun.

Gynna GageloniaGynna Gagelonia

PHA Media Relations Officer
Staff in-charge, CPR on Wheels & Wings Managing Editor, PHA the Heart News & Views

After a roller-coaster ride in 2017, our country is about to turn another leaf in its journey, anticipating a smooth ride in 2018 becomes the natural course. Let’s start our year with positivity – a prosperous, peaceful and healthier Philippine nation in every sense of the word.

A cheerier socio-economic scenario for every Filipino. Every Pinoy or person residing in the Philippines, not just the peace-and-order enforcers, playing a key role in the upkeep (peaceful, clean, friendly and a haven, so to speak of his/her community).

More jobs and equal job opportunities (no age and gender discrimination) and standardized salary for everyone so that every Juan dela Cruz gets more peso mileage. In effect, even the beer-wage earner can meet his family’s basic needs and afford his loved ones’ wants occasionally.

Wider education and health access for everyone. More public schools and classrooms in far-flung areas. New tertiary government hospitals and health package subsidy. More specialty doctors to best manage and spread health best practices in rural communities.

Fitter and healthier Filipinos including me and my family. A dramatic decrease in number of Filipinos catching the lifestyle-induced cardiovascular blight. A burgeoning breed of Pinoys who are 52100- or Healthy Lifestyle-savvy who practice what they preach.

More CPR-Ready towns/cities/communities, CPR-savvy families and individuals, turned staunch CPP advocates, for our country to get closer to the CPRReady Philippines 2021 status.

Implementation of Republic Act 10871 or the CPR Law which “requires basic education students to undergo age-appropriate (hands-only) basic life support training.”

Joey Oliver Ramos PhD (c) LPT MAN RNJoey Oliver Ramos PhD (c) LPT MAN RN

Clinical Instructor, Newcastle University

I look forward to waking up every day feeling happiness and being thankful to God for every single day I get to be myself and being able to experience a new shot in life. I am looking forward to new opportunities that keep coming my way.

I am also looking forward that they find a cure for Diabetes, so diabetics can live a no more injections and site changes, no more finger pokes, no more hypoglycaemia, no more hyperglycaemia, no more carb counting life, and no more smell of insulin.

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