The PCCP Divas


By Dr. Geraldine Garcia

The practice of medicine is both a science and an art. Through the years of healing our patients, physicians have embarked on a journey of self- discovery to their abilities that go beyond being a physician. They cultivate their talents and share them with others.

In the 2014 annual chest convention, the PCCP Divas was born. They are a group of pulmonologist who showcase their extraordinary talent in singing. Dr. Mary Jean Reyes and Dr. Glynna Ong- Cabrera, from the Lung Center of the Philippines are both certified sopranos. They can sing any broadway songs from Les Miserables or Miss Saigon, for example. But they can also do contemporary songs from Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey or Madonna. Dr. Catherine Carrabacan, also from Lung Center of the Philippines, and Dr. Honey Villaluna, from Manila Doctor’s Hospital, are both altos. They specialize in slow rock and rhythm and blues. They can easily sing any Tina Turner or Bonnie Tyler song.

Together they are the PCCP Divas, aptly described for their singing that has set them apart from the rest. They have a commanding presence on stage and perform with elegance and grace and have earned the admiration of both local and foreign delegates in the annual PCCP conventions as well as in the PCP conventions.

Hopefully, they will continue to share their talents and show that there is another facet to being a physician and that is the physician can be an artist, as well.

Aug 2018 Health and Lifestyle

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