The FAME Leaders’ Academy

We’re pleased to introduce in this issue the newly established FAME Leaders’ Academy (FLA), which aims to help empower just about everyone, with principle-based habits that can give them a 360-degree perspective of what real success means and entails.

Although it was initially intended for medical and pharmaceutical industry movers and shakers and potential leaders in the future, the faculty realized that even ordinary professionals can benefit even more from the various training programs and mini-courses which it offers.

I’ve sat down and listened to some of the lectures and coaching of the faculty headed by Hudson Pelayo, its founding dean, and I was impressed by the dynamic and interactive manner in which the seminars and workshops were conducted, especially the lifestyle medicine seminar by Dr. Blecenda ‘Blescy’ Varona, and the leadership and relationship modules of Richard ‘Rich’ Tamayo.

Both Blescy and Rich are truly world-class speakers, and no wonder, they’re frequently invited to give seminars not only here but also abroad.

FLA can serve a big need in this day and age when every professional seems to have a blinding desire to achieve success in the workplace, without realizing that this can impose a huge toll on other aspects of their lives, including one’s health, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, family, and other relationships.

When Hudson, Blescy, Rich and the other faculty members first told me the concept of “holistic leadership and success that can be truly empowering,” it sounded like one of those quixotic goals but real-world impossibilities every one wished they could attain, but just could not find the synergy and balance for. But the more I listened to them, the more convinced I became that it’s workable if only one can have the proper mindset for it.

Indeed, a seamless balance between workplace and home, and other spheres of one’s life could be attained. Nothing has to be sacrificed in the pursuit of success in whatever field one is. And success in all the spheres of one’s life tends to multiply itself exponentially enabling one to achieve even bigger feats. That’s why it’s truly empowering.

I’m honored to have been designated as FLA dean emeritus. I appreciate being accorded such an honorary title, but I sometimes think it’s a respectful way to tell me that I should now be retired from teaching or coaching, and I’m already honorably discharged from assuming such a responsibility in the academy. I’m told it’s not so, and that I could still actively participate in any seminar or workshop I wish to; but after listening to the excellent faculty, I think it’s best to leave the faculty do the active work, and just allow myself the honorific role of giving them a pat on the back for a job well done.

Here’s wishing you all a blessed and meaningful Christmas, and an abundance-filled New Year. God bless always.


Dec 2018 Health and Lifestyle

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