Thanksgiving and ‘Disruptive’ Innovation

Editor’s Rx

As the year comes to an end, it’s an opportune time to count the many blessings we have received during the year.

We may not have achieved everything we set out to achieve at the start of the year, but it’s just a matter of looking at it as a glass half empty or half filled. Blessed are those who’d rather look at the filled part of the glass, and be grateful for having accomplished it.

Looking at the part of the glass that is filled, rather than the empty portion, is the trait of many successful entrepreneurs and innovators. That’s why we’re delighted to feature Clinica Manila—a good example of a successful ‘disruptive’ innovation in this issue. At the helm of Clinica Manila is Dr. Hernando Delizo, an endocrinologist by training, but a red-blooded innovator and entrepreneur by heart.

In the 1990s, no one thought that putting up a big multispecialty medical clinic in a shopping mall was a rational and viable option. It was a totally uncharted territory. But not in the mind of Dr. Delizo. He had it all planned out and he confidently pioneered the venture. His enthusiasm never waned despite the ups and downs in the first ten years, including a hostile takeover by his colleagues, which the Court of Appeals and Supreme Court later reversed.

Clinica Manila, opened in 1994 at the SM Megamall and holds the distinction as the country’s first, biggest and most comprehensive multi-specialty, high-tech clinic in a shopping mall. It is also the first Department of Health and Philhealthaccredited out-patient surgery center in the Philippines, where the first plastic/reconstructive, cataract and other surgeries were done.

In today’s parlance, it was a disruptor in the 90s which revolutionized the out-patient practice of Clinical Medicine. Thank God for innovative ‘disruptors’ like Dr. Delizo. We’re assured of a better future because of them.

Once again, many are looking forward to a meaningful holiday season. It’s truly opportune to thank God once again for sending His son Jesus to save us. Without the grace of salvation, we won’t even be here now to realize how truly blessed we are.

Here’s wishing everyone the best of the holiday season, and a more abundant and blessed 2020.


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