Patients, First

July 12, 2018 hnladmin 0

OUT ON PASS Thaddeus C. Hinungan, M.D. Out on pass is a borrowed term used in hospitals, where a patient is temporarily sent home for […]

Acts in a Marriage

June 5, 2018 hnladmin 0

FEATURE STORY Four essential factors may make a marriage harmonious, lasting, and seemingly made in heaven By Thaddeus C. Hinunangan, M.D. We sat in a […]


May 7, 2018 Web Master 0

FEATURE STORY In between the challenges of residency training, one realizes that life has its rhythms, its ups and downs, an evolution; but with some […]

Cindy & Gibbs

May 5, 2018 Web Master 0

FEATURE STORY Canine friends give so much of themselves for their ‘masters’, truly unconditional love and loyalty, asking nothing in return except a pat on […]