The Best ‘You’

January 7, 2019 hnladmin 0

COVER STORY You may not have won the genetic lottery for a perfect physique, but you can still develop your best body build with the […]

Holistic Empowerment

December 16, 2018 hnladmin 0

COVERSTORY In a fast-paced and dynamic environment, leaders are expected to learn how to be more effective, not only efficient, in achieving their goals. But […]

The Bug Busters

November 22, 2018 hnladmin 0

Cover Story Although infectious diseases are no longer the leading cause of deaths in the country, they remain a major reason of morbidity and hospitalization; […]

Battling the Bulge

July 14, 2018 hnladmin 0

COVER STORY Back in the years when one of the Philippines’ major healthcare issues was under nutrition, a highly esteemed endocrinologist in the country saw […]