Spreading Awareness through Social Media

Facilitators and Attendees of the PCCP GEEK Camp. We cater to both the Digital Natives and Digital Naive members of the society.


By Guinevere Dy-Agra

If you check my profile in my social media accounts, it’s always mom first. I am not super techie girl, but it was being a #jugglermom that actually made me stumble upon social media. Since I didn’t have time to watch TV or the news, I relied much on Twitter for real-time news and traffic updates and “Walang Pasok” advisories.

Then I started following medical societies and institutions like Mayo, Chest, NEJM…browsed thru interesting threads and conference highlights. In 2015, I started live tweeting as a means for “taking notes” while attending conferences. To my surprise, I suddenly found my tweets being liked and retweeted by people I didn’t know. So you check their profile, follow them back, building your Personal Learning Network in the process.

Attending the Mayo Clinic Social Media Residency and Health Care Social Media Conference in 2017. It’s an ever-growing field bringing the world closer to each other with mutual exchange of information and discoveries.

Naturally, I had to spread the word. Hence the birth of Philippine College of Chest Physicians’ GEEK CAMP (Generating Efficient ways to Enhance Knowledge), sharing tips on use of #SoMe for learning. Within a year we have grown significantly and we aim to keep growing!

So thankful to be in this age of technology, where you can still be in-the-know while being on-the-go.

Aug 2018 Health and Lifestyle

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