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In response to the needs of people in the medical field, Energizer Philippines Inc. (EPI) introduced its new line of LED Pen Lights. This sleek lighting gadget comes in handy especially for today’s medical professionals and personnel. This innovation is in response to the needs of people in the medical field.


This lighting tool resembles a silver ball pen with a push button at one to switch the light on and off. This makes for easy maneuverability when being used. Its ease of use comes in handy for doctors, nurses, or medical emergency personnel when assessing critical medical situations.


The Pen Light produces a light output of 35 lumens and can reach as far as 23 meters away. This will allow the user untrammeled visibility that is often crucial when making medical assessments in small body cavities like the eyes, ears, throat, or nostrils.


The Pen Light can last for 20 hours of continuous use with two AAA Energizer® MAX® batteries. Its slim, sleek design allows the user to slip it in a coat or shirt pocket or fit easily in any sized bag.


More importantly, its stainless metallic case protects it from damage even when dropped from distance of one meter.


“We have successfully developed a stylish, useful and convenient companion for these particular experts. This Pen Light is intended for functional use when doctors, nurses and others, do their hospital ward rounds or further clinical duties,” said Martin Luis Valenzuela, Brand Activation Manager of EPI.


He added, “We believe that every product we develop has a purpose for the people who buy them. We constantly look to develop products that give value for our customers. This new LED Pen Light is a gadget that will be helpful in ensuring that our medical professionals are properly equipped in their jobs as they work to serve our society.”


Energizer LED Pen Light is now available in selected stores.


September 2016 Health and Lifestyle

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