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The Philippine College of Physicians continues to uphold its mission of leading the advancement of Internal Medicine in the country, exhorting its members to be worthy role models of the core values the College considers as its foundation—Service, Integrity, Leadership with Compassion, and Professional Excellence. Yearly, the PCP recognizes members whose accomplishments create significantly impact not only within the society and their respective medical fields, but the community as well

By Ryniel Berlanga

Mediadora C. Saniel M.D., FPCP
2018 Distinguished Internist

Practicing in Zamboanga, Mindanao, Dr. Afdal B. Kunting has never lost sight of his social responsibility as a doctor, and has dedicated his skills, knowledge and expertise in not only attending to the health miseries of the marginalized sectors in his community, but also filling in the other gaps in their lives.

He aims to continually improve his service to enhance the healthcare for the people in his community. Aside from this, he has launched another platform called the Canadian PenPal program which offers free basic education in reading and writing. He also taught journalism to secondary students.

He encourages new members of the College to not only to fulfill their role as physicians, but to expand it to other things particularly in imparting the teachings of the Lord to the people they treat and minister to.

Dr. Kunting is current the head of Community Development and a Medical Specialist under the Internal Medicine Unit of Zamboanga City Medical Center (ZCMC). He is also the dean of School of Medicine at Ateneo de Zamboanga.


Afdal B. Kunting, M.D., FPCP
2018 Distinguished Community Leader

Her continued passion for outstanding patient health care is consistently reflected in her illustrious career. She inspires upcoming internists to enthusiastically welcome new developments and shifting paradigms in clinical practice, and adapt to them to benefit their patients.

Dr. Saniel is currently a member of the Board of Directors of The Medical City (TMC) and Prosper Health Services. She is also the head of University of the Philippine’s Medical Foundation Inc., an associate of the Governing Board, Philippine Council for Health Research and Development; Chairman of Infectious Disease Practice and Innovations; Board of Trustee of the Philippine Foundation for Health and Development Inc., and an active consultant in Infectious Disease at the TMC.

Maria Celine T. Aquino, MD, FPCP
2018 Distinguished Teacher

The greatness of mentors is not only reflected in their authority as experts in their field, but in what has become of the students who have benefited from their mentorship.

Dr. Maria Celine Aquino, this year’s awardee as Distinguished Teacher, believes that while molding medical students and trainees to become competent physicians is important, the practicing physician should not neglect his other teaching function to their patients. She highlighted the importance of imparting empowering knowledge to their patients about the diseases they were diagnosed with and how it could be treated and prevented from getting worse. This is part of a holistic treatment which can enhance the curative or restorative process.

Dr. Aquino specializes in Cardiology and is a member of the consultancy staff of the Cebu Doctor’s University in Cebu City.

Edsel Maurice T. Salvaña, MD, FPCP
2018 Distinguished Researcher

Dr. Edsel Maurice T. Salvaña has proven to be an inspiration to his many colleagues with all his accomplishments and the laurels he has received for them.

A scientist and researcher and a clinician specializing in Infectious Diseases, he has been exceptional in his career bagging numerous awards and has been renowned all over the world with his breakthrough studies and contributions in his subspecialty.

Dr. Salvana is currently the Director of the Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology at the National Institutes of Health and an associate professor of medicine at the University of the Philippines-Philippine General Hospital. He is also Adjunct Faculty for Global Health at the University of Pittsburgh and has hosted over thirty international trainees, physicians, and faculty in various clinical and basic science rotations and exchanges. He has recently written for the 25th edition of Goldman-Cecil Medicine and is currently writing the first molecular biology textbook for medical technologists in the Philippines.

Another ongoing scholarly activity of Dr. Salvana is his studies on viral genetic data, especially on HIV, that would correlate with their treatment responses and other clinical outcomes.

Daniel T. Tan, M.D., FPCP
2018 Distinguished Healthcare Advocate

Dr. Daniel T. Tan is committed to his relentless battle to eradicate the serious ill effects of tobacco smoking.

It started with a caucus involving peers and fellow experts dating back in 1985, and since then Dr. Tan has that compelling desire to make a difference to address this global menace. The caucus came up with a paper strongly warning about the hazards that tobacco consumption inflicts smokers. Now, various medical and allied groups have taken up the cudgels against smoking, organizing various medical specialty organizations into a unified front to curb smoking in our country.

Dr. Daniel Tan practices Pulmonology and Internal Medicine at the Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Manila. He is also part of the Board of Trustees that founded the Health Justice Philippines, an organization that puts together similar-minded professionals who wish to improve the healthcare system of our country.

Dr. Tan says that he is committed to the advocacy not for personal gain, but to leave behind a legacy of faithfulness to the calling of a physician. “The work will never be done, as long as evil and passivity and ignorance continue to exist,” says Dr. Tan.

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