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We always have an image of Sherlock Holmes who is always on the go whenever there is a case that needs to be solved. Recently, Benedict Cumberbach put the famous sleuth popular to the digital generation with his Sherlock series.


But fans of the British detective were in a surprise when Sir Ian McKellen portrayed him in “Holmes” in his retirement phase. The actor who is also known for his portrayal of Gandalf in Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit and Magneto in X- Men films showed a different persona of Holmes. This time, Holmes is sweet and gentle.


While watching Holmes, you will certainly admire Mckellan for skillfully showing his acting prowess. You would easily notice how Mckellen showed in elegant acting how Holmes was losing his legendary marbles.


Slowed down by age, Holmes has now turned to bee-keeping as his hobby.


Mr. Holmes


The film is based on a novel, “A Slight Trick of the Mind” by Mitch Cullin and adapted by screenwriter Jeffrey Hatcher. Set in 1947 during the time England was recovering from World War II, a 93-year-old Holmes living as a retiree in Sussex complicated by his declining physical and mental faculties.


Furthermore, the film shows Holmes facing the greatest challenge of his life. In these instances, he makes mincemeat of his performance on the aging and legendary sleuth by showing his prowess during his prime and his decline in the current stage. It amazes the writer how British actors develop these lovely acting abilities.


An interesting part of the movie was Holmes’ interactions with his housekeeper, Mrs.


Munro (played by Laura Linney) and her son, Roger (Milo Parker) who have developed a close relationship with Holmes and fascinated with his colorful past.


Just like in any Sherlock Holmes flick, there is a detective element in the movie. This happens when Roger was stung by a wasp. Enraged by what had happened to her son,


Mrs. Munro was set to burn the bee hive. However, Holmes explained to her that it was not the bees but the wasps that hit Roger.


Moreover, Holmes developed a strong bond with Roger. Perhaps Holmes developed a caring grandfather image to Roger that sometimes caused friction with his mother.


And the film showed in a very good manner why mother is resistant to her son’s thirst for knowledge. The scene between Mrs. Munro and Roger allowed the viewer to understand the side of the mother.


At this stage, she is still grieving on the death of her husband who was shot down during a dogfight in the Battle of Britain during his maiden flight. With heavy emotion, the partially literate mother explained to her son why she doesn’t want him to get extra knowledge. It was an emotional scene where Mrs. Munro showed her point in a very understanding angle.


Finally for people who are familiar with Sherlock Holmes, it is highly recommended Holmes not only for McKellen’s stellar performance, but also for the interesting elements such as science, relationship, friendship, and other positive values.


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