Longevity at its Finest with the Mu Sigma Phi Sorority


In the words of Kilroy Oldster, “Aging is the road that we take to discern our character.” The Mu Sigma Phi Sorority was founded in 1934 with the pillars of Sisterhood, Service, Scholarship, and Leadership. For the past 85 years, our Sorority had faced various challenges which strengthened our definition and embodiment of these four pillars. Now, more than ever, we stand dignified and proud in knowing who we are, how much we have grown, and what we have become as a sorority.

For our 85th anniversary, we would like to give special recognition to our elderly who have also conquered the test of time. They are proof of true beauty reflected in character, molded by both failures and accomplishments throughout life, and can never be taken away by any physical limitation brought about by the ravages of time. In this August issue of Health & Lifestyle, the Sorority, together with the magazine’s regular staff, aims to provide our elderly with valuable information to aid them in their continuing journey of self-empowerment and autonomy.

“Keeping that Youthful Stride at 60,” “Keeping Our Bones Healthy as We Age,” and “Aging Skin Basics” cover the must-knows in the most common concerns the elderly face: joint pain, bone pain, and drying of the skin. “Why Vaccinate Lolo and Lola?” demonstrates the importance of vaccines and preventive medicine, not just in children, but also in the elderly.

For our lolos and lolas who have their gadgets on hand and are tech-savvy, we have screened the best apps which will help them achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle in “Wellness at Your Fingertips.” For a healthy dose of introspection, “Life and Death, Time and Meaning” is a book review tackling questions on why we walk forward despite the knowledge of death being just around the corner. Learn the small adjustments at home which could improve the quality of everyday life for our elderly in “Management of An Aging Individual.”

“The Mu Sigma Phi Sorority: A Legacy Unparalleled” shares the glory of Mu’s longevity in its four pillars and continuing aspirations. Lastly, “Sisters in the Frontline” explores the sentiments, challenges and experiences of the growing number of Mu doctors enrolled in the Department of Health’s Doctors to the Barrios Program.

We would like to thank the H&L editorial board and staff, most especially Drs. Raffy and Shelly Castillo for trusting us yet again with another issue of the magazine. We would also like to give our gratitude to Ms. Gelyka Dumaraos for her guidance and patience throughout the process of creating this issue.

No matter what age group you are in, we invite you to challenge your perspective of aging and to see how life should always be celebrated in its entirety, as we do in Mu.

Christine Alexis S. Dinopol (MΣΦ 2020)
Rachelle C. Garcia (MΣΦ 1989)
Patricia Marie C. Guevarra (MΣΦ 2021)

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