Health Apps for Seniors


By Excel V. Dyquiangco

New technology these days is not only designed for the younger generation but for the older ones as well. Seniors who are aging gracefully in their golden years have now access to the freshest news, entertainment, communication and health via mobile applications.

With the use of their smartphones, and by downloading these applications, they can now monitor their blood pressure, make better food choices, look for the best doctors and schedule appointments, and many ways to stay on top of their health. Here are several apps for health-conscious seniors.

Health Engine

Available on Google Play and App Store, Health Engine is the easiest way to book appointments with specialists and doctors. With more than 11,000 registered clinics and services, this app simplifies the process of scheduling an appointment for any health issue. Some features include finding and booking appointments at any time, cancelling and rescheduling; information on health services and practitioners, including patients’ reviews; and locations to these areas.


For seniors, walking is the best form of exercise as this has been linked to men and women with lower risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease, cardiac arrest, and high cholesterol. Now with the availability of MapMyWalk on Google Play and the App Store, seniors can monitor their progress. Among its features include looking for the best walking route; saving and improving on distance and time; additional statistics such as calories burned, elevation, and pace; and connecting with other users. Aside from walking, MapMyWalk also monitors other activities such as yoga, cycling, running, and even cross training.

Daily Yoga

For seniors who want to try out yoga but want to do without paying the exorbitant fees, Daily Yoga provides a convenient workout plan that’s gentle and more comfortable for people in their golden years. The app showcases options for new to advanced practitioners that include weight loss, toning, flexibility, strength, and so much more. Aside from more than 500 yoga poses, the app also has guided relaxation and meditation, tools to track progress, as well as an online community. The app is free of charge but if interested in premium subscriptions, avail of the paid subscriptions.


To track down the number of calories per meal or monitor the number of steps in a day taken, MyFitnessPal is just the right tool for the needs of the older generation. The app contains a daily food diary that automatically calculates the nutritional value and the calories of most food – with the help of a barcode scanner – and tools for logging exercise and steps. There is also a community where each one can share their experiences and help one another make better food choices, or engage in several exercises.


Wondering what to cook for breakfast, lunch or dinner that can be both healthy and delicious? Wonder no more as SideChef has all the answers. This app includes more than 4,000 recipes, searchable by ingredients, diet, ingredients, cuisine or keywords. Each meal features step-by-step videos and instructions, clever tips, shopping lists, and voice instructions with options for beginners to master chefs. Other characteristics of this app include users sharing photos, reviewing recipes and allowing them to save their favorite meal into a personal cookbook.

Sleep Cycle

Sleep is an important facet for everyday living, especially for the older generation. Thankfully, Sleep Cycle is not just an alarm clock but a handy tool that allows the body to blend well with the right time for waking up. The app examines and studies the sleeping patterns of its users and picks an optimal time in their sleeping cycle to gently wake up its users, making them feel more energized and refreshed until the end of the day. Other fun features include various alarm melodies and updates on the nightly sleep statistics.


Those struggling with mental health, anxiety, depression, and other clinical disorders need not go to an expert or a professional. Pacifica, a psychologist designed app allows users to practice self-help exercises such as meditation, mindfulness, and other Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Techniques, as well as thought and mood tracking, and other daily challenges. This app also allows the presence of a vibrant community where all users can exchange stories about their struggles and ways on how to cope with them. Pacifica is free of charge but there is an additional fee for premium users.

Breast Check Now

The name says it all. Breast Check Now is an app that lets women self-checks their breasts for any type of illnesses. Among its features include reminders to regularly check the breasts or a technique that refines the breast-checking. Users receive monthly notifications when it’s time to check the breasts and the choice of recording notes after each examination.


Senior have a difficult time remembering which pill to take at this particular time so a registered nurse created Pillboxie, an app that allows for better management of medications. Features include a reminder by dropping pills into a pill box; customizing medications; a record of how many pills are taken, as well as its dosage; and a snooze feature when device is turned off.

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