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A walk down memory lane with Kawayan Cove CEO Jose R. Puyat III


A beautiful place, which one longs to go back to every chance one has, will always have a happy story to tell. For some, it may be their home away from home. For Jose Razon Puyat III, his was a haven where his childhood memories were formed.

Before being known as a man who came from a family of builders of industrial and recreational enterprises, Mr. Puyat was once that young boy who always looked forward to their family getaways in Nasugbu, Batangas.

Their family property, which was inherited by Mr. Puyat’s mother from her late father Col. Jose Razon in the 1940s, could only be accessed by riding a banca to get to their small beach hut.

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Mr. Puyat still recalls how he and his siblings would frolic on the beach, play, and set up camp under the starry sky.

“We used gas lamps to navigate and we would pitch tents by the shore,” he vividly remembers, adding that back then, there was nothing luxurious in the place, except for the grandeur of nature.

“Our house was a small hut. There was no electricity and none of the conveniences of modern life, but we enjoyed it immensely.”

The simplicity, yet extreme joy of their experiences became the fondest memories of his childhood. Over the years of frequently anticipated sojourns to the place, their family saw the significance of communing with nature to relax, unwind, and be with the special people in their lives. They knew that having a place to share wonderful memories with, while in the midst of the beauty of a natural environment, can be like soothing balm to the frayed nerves which their hectic city life gave them.

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Eventually, the family came up with the idea of sharing their haven with people who also value exclusive family bonding.

“Because we shared so many happy memories there,” he says, “we wanted to share the property with people who value nature and the simple joys of building their own memories in a private and peaceful seaside setting.”

And with this came the birth of Kawayan Cove.

Valuing exclusive getaway

The then private property is now a 68-hectare low-density residential seaside community which highlights the concept of combining an exclusive getaway with nature’s wonders.

Mr. Puyat describes the place as more than a picture-perfect view.

“Kawayan Cove’s unique beauty needs to be experienced!”

With Kawayan Cove’s goal to highlight the beauty of nature, only 30 hectares are dedicated for the residential lots. The rest of the property is open space, which lives up to its philosophy of conservation of the natural environment.

From its 300 prime view lots, Kawayan Cove promises a stunning panorama of the Western Batangas coastline.

Aside from its exclusive and private residential community, what Kawayan Cove boasts of is Bamboo Beach, a 650-meter crescent of sugary-white sand and blue waters. Considered as the best swimming beach in Nasugbu, Batangas, Bamboo Beach’s pristine waters, calming waves, and relaxing ambiance is the perfect setting for a weekend getaway from the bustling city life.

The Bamboo Beach Club

Kawayan Cove’s main amenity is the exclusivity and privacy for it’s residents. To further strengthen this, the Bamboo Beach Club is purposely designed for this purpose.

Mr. Puyat says that Kawayan Cove residents value and enjoy this advantage, though the roster of members continue to increase.

“We’re proud to say we have happy members! As proof of this, several home owners have bought adjacent lots to build extensions to their current homes,” he adds.

Kawayan Cove ensures privacy by limiting the membership to residents only. No memberships are for sale.

“We continually evaluate and implement measures to personalize the Kawayan Cove experience,” he says.

The community also has 24-hour security, tree-line concrete roads, an abundant supply of fresh water coming from deep aquifers, subsurface lines for power of its facilities offering world-class experiences.

“Kawayan Cove is the only seaside community in Nasugbu that has abundant household water due to the investments we made in building a system of naturally recharging deepwell facilities,” Mr. Puyat underscores. “Even if the local water district runs out of water, we continue to pump our own fresh water.”

Today, even after over 20 years of manning the family businesses, Mr. Puyat is not slowing down. He is involved with the various family enterprises—Edge Properties Development Corporation (Developer of Kawayan Cove), Puyat Steel Corporation, Gonzalo Puyat and Sons, Inc., Puyat Flooring Products, Inc. and the Puyat Sports group of companies to name a few.

But for him, among all the companies he is involved in, Kawayan Cove is the realization of his dreams.

He continues to develop further Kawayan Cove’s concept of exclusivity and privacy experience for its members, at the same time staying committed to its mission of conserving nature.

And while he is at it, Jose Razon Puyat III looks forward to weekends and vacations with the family in this place where he can relax in complete abandon, gleefully watching the waves lap at the shoreline of the cove.

He will always come back, just like his younger days, to this haven he calls home.

“He will always come back, just like his younger days, to this haven he calls home”

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