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By Lester Garcia


5 power banks your power-hungry gizmos need


Do you enjoy traveling as much as you enjoy your gadget’s capacity to spark your super-charged activities, or you’re just that heavy cellular phone user who can’t stand the rotational blackout lately? If this sounds like you, then it’s time to invest in a reliable power bank.


Power banks, also known as “battery packs” or “portable battery chargers”, serve as an extra battery for your smart phones and other electronic devices. And with just a handy power bank, you don’t have to worry about drained batteries anymore—anywhere you go.


But the challenge now with so many of them just off the streets, it’s hard to find a power bank that essentially fits your specific needs, preferences, and budget. And if we’re talking about high-quality, reliable power banks, be prepared to shell out more than a thousand pesos.


Here are some of the most reliable power banks that astound the market today:




1 MiLi Power Nova II


Brand: MiLi
Power Capacity: 10,000 mAh
Score for: PhP4,100
Available at: Power Mac Center


Maximize your gadget’s capacity with this new MiLi Power Nova II. Whether you’re a true technophile who’s big on gizmos, or you’re just that casual traveler looking for an ideal companion, this super slim and lightweight power bank won’t disappoint you. It has a multi-function capability that is compatible with a variety of smart phones, tablets, and mobile devices.


Designed in a sleek, classic finish, it suits your bags, briefcases, or pouches and can easily blend in with your personal table and office desk. It has a LED indicator that tells you how much juice is left. And for a typical smart phone, you’re looking at a few days of extra life.


*The Runner Up: MiLi Power Nova I (5,000 mAh)



2 Momax iPower Go


Brand: Momax
Power Capacity: 8,800 mAh
Score for: PhP 2,950
Available at: Digital Walker


Momax iPower Go is made to serve the snazzy traveler in you. Designed to look like a stylish suitcase with its sleek square body and embossed stripes, this power bank won’t just add “extra life” to your gadgets. Available in four different colors, it also adds extra sparks and complements your personalized devices.


With dual USB output, it can charge two digital devices simultaneously. It is also compatible with most of the digital devices like iPad, tablets, iPhone, Android series smart phones, iPod, PDA, and Bluetooth headsets.



3 Devil Volts (Samsung Cells)


Brand: Emie
Power Capacity: 5,200mAh
Score for: PhP 2,499
Available at:


Don’t let its size and design fool you. Great for its overcharging and short-circuit protection, Devil Volts assures that you have the best and safest power bank in the palm of your hand. It also boasts an intelligent display of LED indicators so you can quickly check its remaining juice. Made from high-quality Samsung Cells, it is compatible with most USB-enabled devices. So if you’re hitting the road, you can bring the Devil Volts with you.


*Available in three different colors: Black/White/Red



4 Ozaki O!tool Battery D26


Brand: Ozaki O!tool
Power Capacity: 2,600 mAh
Score for: PhP 1,995
Available at: Power Mac Center


If you’re looking for something to carry in your pocket or handbag in case your phone needs a little juice before youget home, then Ozaki O!tool Battery D26 is perfect for you. This robot-inspired power bank can keep your smart phone powered throughout the day. Just like the aforementioned power banks, it has LED indicators to show the charging status of your device. But if you’ll be on the road for two days or longer, I suggest buy something with higher power capacity or mAh (milli Ampere hours).


*Also available: O!tool Battery T52 – 5200 mAh (PhP 3,995), O!tool Battery J104 – 10400 mAh (PhP 5,495)



5 Millerton Power Bank


Brand: Millerton
Power Capacity: 11,800 mAh
Score for: PhP 1,999
Available at: Kimstore


Think of situations like a road trip, trekking, or camping and you end up in a place without electricity. This budget-friendly power bank can save the day. It has two USB ports delivering an output of 1.5A max and 2.1A max, respectively. Forget about clunky power banks, this bestseller from Kimstore boasts a slim and lightweight body. And it’s out to impress with its high-power LED torch bulb that works as a flashlight.


With the advent of smart phones and tablets where most of our lives and works depend on, power banks prove to be a real lifesaver. It means seamless entertainment and productivity with your devices even if you’re away from home. Get charged up with the power bank of your choice. Just check your device’s battery requirement, and make sure that you pick out a power bank with a higher mAh capacity than your device’s battery. Then look for the designs or features that fit your lifestyle and personality, and voila! You’re all set for your next electrically full-charged escapade.


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