For Your Plans and Designs, Get an Architect

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By Excel Dyquiangco

Are you planning to have your new home soon? Building a structure for a business expansion? Or you just want to renovate your ancestral house?

Dealing with vertical structures need not to be something to fret about. Architects, the only prime professional in both the planning and construction stages, is ready to give their helping hand to attain a place suited for their respective needs while living the life they aspire for.

Groundbreaking ceremony of the Marawi School Rehabilitation with UAP as a partner in the rehabilitation

According to United Architects of the Philippines (UAP) National President Benjamin K. Panganiban Jr., an architect’s role is vital in a nation’s progress.

“Architecture is the only profession that looks into the future,” he said in a column for The Manila Times. “It imagines structures for tomorrow, creates man’s environment through the architect’s awareness and sensitive handling of spaces fitting the scale of human experience.”

Panganiban says that architects turns spaces into worthwhile living spaces, adapting not only to what a community needs but also of what the environment desires. Once a project is done with the architect at the helm, the place is turned into effective, efficient, and sustainable spaces.


They understand how man should live in accordance to his culture and aspiration. Panganiban says that based on an architect’s creative perspective, a space that is livable understands the circulatory flow of man. “It’s both art and science,” he says.

Not only for the rich and famous

The United Architects of the Philippines (UAP), under the administration of National President Benjamin K. Panganiban Jr., is pushing for the upholding of the architectural profession in the country.

Stressing the Republic Act No. 9266, otherwise known as “The Architecture Act of 2004” which requires that only registered and licensed architects are allowed to practice architecture in the Philippines, or engage in preparing architectural plans, specifications, estimates and/ or preliminary design data and construction plans for the erection or alteration of any building located within the boundaries of this country, Panganiban adds that architects are the main master builders.

While many regard architects as professionals for large scale projects like high end conditions and hotels, posh resorts and sophisticated buildings, part of UAP’s mandate is to uphold their social responsibilities through projects that give back.

UAP has underwent projects such as the Slum Improvement Resettlement (S.I.R) projects of our government, the houses of Gawad Kalinga (GK), and the architect’s corporate social responsibility undertakings like the GRACES Home for the Elderly. UAP also participated in the rehabilitation of school complexes in war-torn Marawi as well as in the conservation of heritage structures and the preservation of environment.

Moreover, the organization is also open in providing consultancy services for local government units who has little to no budget and work hand-in-hand with them to attain concerns on sustainability, environmental concerns and solid waste management systems.

“Don’t worry when you see an architect staring at a blank wall or doodling his pencil on a scratch paper, or even staring at you as if you don’t exist because it only means the architect’s mind is at work,” Panganiban concludes.

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