COVID-19: Following is the statement of Dr. Jaime Z. Galvez Tan, MD, MPH

From Dr Jaime Galvez-Tan Former Secretary of Health

Quezon City, 21 September 2020:

The following is the statement of Dr. Jaime Z. Galvez Tan, MD, MPH:

“Recently, several news outlets have reported that I organized an event called ‘Flatten the Fear’ last week and/or that I was the leader of a group called, ‘Concerned Doctors and Citizens of the Philippines.’ Some of these reports also stated that I advocate for the use of hydroxychloroquine as prophylaxis and treatment for COVID-19.

These reports are false.

As I have previously clarified through my social media page and interviews, I am not the person leading the ‘Concerned Doctors and Citizens of the Philippines’ group. I also did not organize the ‘Flatten the Fear’ event.

I only participated in the event at the invitation of colleagues from civil society and it is only one of the many events where I spoke about addressing COVID-19 through a whole-of-society, whole-of-government, and whole-of-systems approach.

I also do not endorse hydroxychloroquine as prophylaxis to prevent, or as treatment to cure, COVID-19 infection. The endorsement was wrongly attributed to me and it was entirely the opinion of the persons who made them during the ‘Flatten the Fear’ event.

My recommendations to prevent COVID-19 are publicly available in the booklet, ‘Labanan ang COVID-19,’ published by Health Futures Foundation, Inc. I encourage everyone to share this resource material, which can be downloaded from the following link:

Finally, during the event, I wore my face mask, except when I had to eat my snack and talk on stage. I was not among those participants who deliberately did not wear face masks because they were allegedly on prophylaxis, as some news reports stated.

I reiterate that wearing face masks—as the Department of Health, World Health Organization, and public health experts worldwide prescribe—should be done to fight against COVID-19.

I urge my fellow Filipinos to do their share in helping protect each other and taking part in our nationwide bayanihan against the COVID-19 pandemic.”

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