Capri is the “Pearl of the Mediterranean”, which is located
in southern Italy. It is famous for its rugged landscapes, stacks,
and natural grottoes. (Photo courtesy of

Finding the Holy Grail

September 30, 2017 Web Master 0

WANDER LUST Return to the Isle of Capri After a brief sojourn to this beautiful island eight years earlier, gastroenterologist Dr. Jun Ruiz revisits Capri […]

City lights of Jacksonville, Florida

Florida Sun

July 28, 2017 Web Master 0

Wander Lust A dizzying but fun-filled, almost magical holiday in Orange Park, Jacksonville Beach and Orlando, in Florida reunites a resident-in-training with his two other […]

The largest religious monument built in 12th century, Angkor Wat is one of the best tourist attraction in Cambodia.

Vietnam, Cambodia Undeleted

April 27, 2017 Web Master 0

WANDER LUST Pictures are worth a thousand words, but keeping memories of the fascinating history of two Southeast Asian countries—their fortified cities and their treasured […]

Sailboats and sunsets

Boracay Dreaming

March 31, 2017 Web Master 0

WANDER LUST This Visayas’ island paradise has not only managed to survive as a top tourist destination, it has thrived BY THADDEUS C. HINUNANGAN, MD […]

From the Tiber River, one can admire the spectacular St. Peter’s Basilica and its majestic dome.

All Roads Lead to Rome

February 28, 2017 Web Master 0

In this dazzling Italian capital where religion is at its heart and history is in its soul, noted gastroenterologist Dr. Jun Ruiz lists the top […]

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