From the Tiber River, one can admire the spectacular St. Peter’s Basilica and its majestic dome.

All Roads Lead to Rome

February 28, 2017 Web Master 0

In this dazzling Italian capital where religion is at its heart and history is in its soul, noted gastroenterologist Dr. Jun Ruiz lists the top […]

The Ruins 2

The Ruins

January 31, 2017 Web Master 0

An old mansion in Talisay City in Negros Occidental, which was recently judged ‘Best Destination’ (Heritage Sites Category) in the 1st Choose Philippines Awards, remains […]

Land of Mine 3

Land of Mine

January 31, 2017 Web Master 0

MOVIE REVIEW BY RIZAL RAOUL REYES Thanks to creative and innovative directors like Oliver Stone, Stanley Kubrick and Terrence Malick, we have been given an […]


Flavors of Florence

December 23, 2016 Web Master 0

WANDERLUST Birthplace of the Renaissance, the city is considered one of the most beautiful in the world and a cultural, artistic, and architectural gem BY […]

Why Quezon Captivates - Banner

Why Quezon Captivates

November 29, 2016 Web Master 0

WANDER LUST Tasty food encounters, interesting culture and traditions, newfound friends, lambanog ritual, and more BY GELYKA RUTH R. DUMARAOS PHOTOS BY RAMIR G. CAMBIADO […]


Partners, not Adversaries

November 29, 2016 Web Master 0

It’s undeniable that the relationship between the medical community and the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), experienced a rough patch in the past. Who can […]

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