Temple of Surprise No More

March 7, 2018 Web Master 0

Digestive endoscopy has indeed revolutionized the diagnosis and treatment of various gastrointestinal tract (GIT) disorders, especially malignancies. The GIT used to be called the ‘temple […]


Rheumatology and My Mentors

January 23, 2018 Web Master 0

With an estimated more than five million Filipinos suffering from arthritis and other diseases of the joints, Rheumatology, as a subspecialty of Internal Medicine, has […]


The ORL Superheroes

December 12, 2017 Web Master 0

One particular subspecialty in Medicine and Surgery that has really shown so much advances in the last 10 years is the field of Otorhinolaryngology (ORL). […]

Capri is the “Pearl of the Mediterranean”, which is located
in southern Italy. It is famous for its rugged landscapes, stacks,
and natural grottoes. (Photo courtesy of Capri.com)

Finding the Holy Grail

September 30, 2017 Web Master 0

WANDER LUST Return to the Isle of Capri After a brief sojourn to this beautiful island eight years earlier, gastroenterologist Dr. Jun Ruiz revisits Capri […]

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