Guide to Condo Living

February 24, 2019 hnladmin 0

CITY LIVING By Excel V. Dyquiangco These days, more and more people—especially millennials (including millennial doctors)—are embracing independence. They want freedom not just from the […]

Workplace Health

February 9, 2019 hnladmin 0

We spend almost half of our waking hours in the workplace. For some workaholics, the workplace can be their virtual homes. This highlights the need […]

Cruising in AMSTERDAM

January 12, 2019 hnladmin 0

WANDERLUST Gastroenterologist and advocate Dr. Jun Ruiz embarks on a solo journey to the “Venice of the North”, and discovers the bliss and delights of […]

Beyond Touristy New York

December 17, 2018 hnladmin 0

WANDERLUST A former New Yorker, Dr. Jun Ruiz goes beyond the usual tourist attractions in the Big Apple and recommends educational tours, entertainment hotspots, and […]

Game changer in cancer care

December 17, 2018 hnladmin 0

INDUSTRY NOTES The Philippine Alliance of Patient Organizations (PAPO) held a multi-stakeholder collaborative dialogue entitled, “Cancer Game Plan 2018 Summit: How Service Delivery Network (SDN) […]