Breaking the ‘Glass Ceiling’


We now have two women past presidents and two women chief justices in our country.

More and more women are occupying senior positions in other branches of government and in big multinational corporate organizations. It looks like the glass ceiling is finally being broken.

The glass ceiling is a figurative invisible barrier restricting our women from being fully empowered, and playing a more active role in nation building.

Republic Act No. 9710 (Magna Carta of Women) affirms the equal role of women in nation building and aims to abolish all forms of gender inequality in the “economic, political, social, and cultural life of women and men.” Women are now fully equipped with enhanced knowledge, skills and expertise to make them more efficient and effective, and active contributors in whatever field they are in. The law mandates to unshackle them from whatever is restricting their professional growth and progress, so they can develop their potential to the fullest.

A vision to attain full women empowerment covers a broad range of undertakings that aim to enhance all physical, mental, emotional, cognitive and spiritual upliftment of women. All of these are necessarily intertwined that can translate to more empowering attitudes, beliefs, decision making, goal-setting, efficiency and effectivity, and the ability to catalyse needed changes in whatever organizations they are in; and at the same time, maintaining meaningful personal and professional relationships.

We’re dedicating this issue of H&L to focus on women empowerment and gender equality. We hope to make all our readers aware of the importance of the role of women in shaping the kind of society we want; and how we could have a better nation if women are given co-equal responsibilities in building it.

Women are great multi-taskers, micro-managers; they’re strongly intuitive, and keen with nuances and details—skills which many great men may not excel in. On the other hand, men are more methodical, decisive, willful and deliberate in implementing whatever they set out to do. The male and female attributes are indeed complementary, and if we attain the harmonizing balance of gender development, we can truly achieve more as a nation.

May the men in our society give women the push they need, so they could finally break the glass ceiling over them.


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