About Us



H&L (Health & Lifestyle) is an easy-read magazine for doctors and healthcare professionals. It emphasizes the importance of health promotion and a healthy lifestyle in the prevention of common lifestyle diseases (cancer, metabolic diseases, cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, diabetes, etc).

It also has:

Scientific and clinical updates on the latest medical innovations and research;
Special reports affecting the public, with renowned doctors as resource persons;
Features of doctors and other healthcare professionals harnessing their other talents;
Insightful travelogues of places, both local and foreign;

Critical reviews of recent movies, books, or television series;
A wide-ranging lifestyle section, with articles on travel, food, gadgets, spirituality, fashion, and beauty;

H&L’s mission is to serve as the quintessential guide for the modern-day doctor, equipping him not only with updates on medical developments, but also with the day-to-day know-how on being a better individual through its feature articles.