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L-R: STADA Philippines Commercial Director Sharmaine Abarientos, STADA Managing Director for Asia Pacific Gary Clark and Ms. Elizabeth Ocampo, Finance Director lead the toast for the grand launch of STADA Philippines at Fairmont Hotel last February 27

A 124-year old German pharmaceutical company—which started as a pharmacist association in Dresden on March 14, 1895— expands to the Philippine market, aiming to bring cost-effective healthcare products to the country

By Christine Angela Ilagan | Photos By Ramir G. Cambiado

The company’s history strikes a poignant chord for those who have been part of cooperatives with humble beginnings.

STADA Managing Director for Asia Pacific Gary Clark welcomed distinguished guests as he talks about STADA’s mission to partner to be a leading partner in healthcare in the Philippines

Before the turn of the 19th century, a group of visionary pharmacists teamed up to produce pharmaceutical products and made them available in participating pharmacies in several German cities like Berlin, Dresden, Würzburg, and Darmstadt. And on March 14, 1895, they formally organized themselves into a pharmacist association and cooperative, based in Dresden.

This is how STADA started. From these humble beginnings, the cooperative organization developed its market and progressively transformed itself to become a global pharmaceutical company with 19 production sites, and its products being available in 130 countries. Its production sites include manufacturing plants in Germany, Serbia; and outside of Europe, in Vietnam.

STADA is well known in Europe as a leading international healthcare provider of high-quality generic medicine, over the counter (OTC), as well as affordable branded products.

“STADA has all the ingredients to become a growth leader in the generics and OTC (over-the-counter) industries in Europe. We are diversified across a lot of therapeutic areas and across most key markets in Western and Eastern Europe,” says Peter Goldschmidt in an interview. He assumed the position as STADA CEO four months ago, and still have fond memories of his stint here in the Philippines as the country president of another multinational company a few years ago.

Asia-Pacific presence

With its goal to make its presence felt in the Asia-Pacific region, STADA has officially launched its entry to the Philippine market last February 27 at the Fairmont Hotel in Makati City.

As medicine cost skyrockets nowadays, STADA’s overarching goal is to help alleviate the medical need of every Filipino by providing reduced healthcare cost and also widen doctors’ choices in prescribing better-quality medicine towards their patient.

“We want to grow our business and also, we want to do as much as we can to improve health care in the Philippines,” says Gary Clark, STADA’s Asia Pacific Managing Director.

STADA not only provides treatment for diagnosed diseases but also promotes overall well-being of every individual with their OTC drugs and nutraceuticals that have been available in the market since July 2017 through a local representative and distributing company. So far, the company already has nine registered products in the country. It’s trying to accelerate its registration process and introduce their products more quickly to the local market.

STADA Commercial Director Sharmaine Abarientos underscores STADA’s objective of providing costeffective and quality health products for every patient

Options for better health

“STADA Philippines, aims to provide options for better health to all Filipinos,” states Sharmaine Abarientos, commercial director of STADA Philippines. “The patient is the center of what we do, and we intend to overcome the barrier of cost with quality generic products, with the purpose of improving compliance,” she explains.

She adds that the patient’s journey inspires them at STADA to use the wealth of science, resources and compassion to have a deeper understanding of every patient’s insights and what can be done, practically and realistically, for better health outcomes.

STADA Philippines aims to launch new products in the second quarter of the year, and there are also promising products in development, including combination products which are expected to be launched by 2020. In the next two to three years, the company hopes to bring innovative cardiovascular products to the Philippines.

Meanwhile, STADA is also seeking to obtain partnerships with other pharmaceutical companies.

“STADA’s strategy is to expand, invest, and enter into partnerships to grow. By accelerating our efforts in seeking external partners to supplement our own local sales and marketing forces we can create transforming therapies and a sustained flow of commercial opportunities,” Abarientos adds.

With the vision of bringing affordable healthcare that meets international standards, it caters to the gaps in the growing health care market with emphasis on scientifically and clinically tested pharmaceutical products.

Corporate values

The grand launch was attended by healthcare partners
including esteemed doctors from different specialties

According to Clark and Abarientos, as the company pursues all its ambitious goals, all employees stay rooted on key core values and ethical practices which serve as their pillars in aiming for its strategic priorities.

STADA’s core values are: Integrity, making sure that all its practices are in line with the company’s internal as well as external standards; entrepreneurship, which encourages new ideas and actions creating future growth and value; agility, which leads change with flexibility and decisiveness as part of their ongoing journey of personal development; and One Stada, working together to achieve the company’s goal and deliver outmost service to our customers and partners.

These core values enjoin everyone to act in the best interests of the company and all its stakeholders, rather than their business unit or function.

As STADA Philippines makes it mark in the local market, its ultimate goal is to be the partner of choice in generics, specialty and consumer health for all Filipinos.

“The patient is the center of what we do, and we intend to overcome the barrier of cost with quality generic products, with the purpose of improving compliance”

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