A Grandson’s Eulogy Lolo Ed


By Manolo Angara

Magandang gabi sa inyong lahat. Ako po si Manolo Angara, Lolo Ed’s eldest grandson. When my parents chose my name, they wanted to name me after Manuel Quezon and my Lolo Ed. Initially the name given to me was Manuel Edgardo Angara but with my lolo’s persistence, they switched the two names and the Edgardo came first. He got what he wanted and my official birth certificate says Edgardo Manuel Angara. Not only that, my sister’s name is Ines Aurora, after his birthplace and my brother’s name is Javier which is his second name.

Today as I mourn my lolo’s passing on his 9th day, I celebrate my 14th birthday. This is the first birthday of mine that my Lolo Ed did not show up. My lolo never missed a single celebration or milestone in my life but what’s more memorable is not his presence during major milestones but his presence in our everyday lives. Everyday I would get a call from him asking “Son how was your day? Have you eaten dinner?” and he always ended our conversations by saying “I love you.” Thrice a week he would have merienda in our house and those moments were priceless

As I hear stories of how tough my lolo was, I cannot seem to imagine that, as he was just so gentle and loving to me and my siblings. In fact he would ask us to miss class to go with him to Tagaytay or join him here in Baler because he wanted us to be one with nature. He was so supportive of my tennis. Sometimes he would tell everyone I was number 1.. and I would feel embarrassed and would correct him to say I was number 3 and he would say.. “Oh its all the same.. you are number 1 to me.”

The first time he watched me play a national tournament, he was so tense that he actually broke his chair in the Olivarez stadium because he kept rocking back and forth. That’s when I told him maybe it would be better if he didn’t watch anymore as I was worried he could not take the stress.

Photo from Tootsy Angara’s Instagram

I will never forget his wise words once when I lost a tough match and he said, “Losing is part of your development as a tennis star. Nadal and Federer lost many times at your age. Important thing is dedication and passion which you have.” I will never forget that.

“I will remember him in all the little things… as I eat saging na saba, putting on a hat and even as I write down my name. As your namesake I hope to make you proud”

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He kept his word and delivered on all his promises whether it was to watch a match, have dinner together or go on a trip. The only promise he broke was to my sister. He promised her he would live long enough to see her walk down the aisle.

More than goodbye I want to say, Thank You Lolo. Thank you for the 14 beautiful years we had together… too short but definitely wonderful and perfect! The love you gave us continues to overflow… it is enough to last two lifetimes.

So as I bid him goodbye, his memory lives in my heart forever. I will remember him in all the little things… as I eat saging na saba, putting on a hat and even as I write down my name. As your namesake I hope to make you proud

Lolo… I will miss your warm hugs and kisses… keep embracing us from up above… and once in a while please appear in my dreams to whisper words of advice and encouragement

Goodbye Lolo… I love you.

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