1st Awardees


The name of the magazine speaks for itself. It not only aims to provide doctors and healthcare professionals with informative scientific and clinical updates. A major mission of H&L (Health & Lifestyle) is also to constantly remind the medical and healthcare community of their important role of being vanguards and staunch advocates in health promotion activities.

One’s health and lifestyle are closely correlated with each other. To paraphrase an old adage, “Tell me a man’s lifestyle, and I can tell you what his health is.”

As we celebrate the 10th year of H&L, the editorial board, in collaboration with esteemed members of the magazine’s Medical Advisory Board (MAB), has decided to initiate the Healthy Lifestyle Exemplar Awards – a biennial awards to recognize individuals, institutions, and organizations, who/which have carried out and sustained programs on healthy lifestyle and health promotion benefiting the community or the population at large.

We are proud to present our first batch of awardees. And may their tribe increase.-Editor

Healthy Lifestyle Exemplar Awardees 2012

Adolfo Bellosillo

Adolfo B. Bellosillo, MD, FACC, FSGC, FPCC, FPCP, FPCCP
For Excellence in Public Health Education

As the founding president of the Foundation for Lay Education on Heart Diseases (FLEHD), which has now more than 20 chapters nationwide, he has inspired colleagues in the medical and business communities with his passion an commitment; and has motivated them to join hands in the education of the Filipino from all walks of life on heart disease. Together with volunteer doctors, he holds public health forums, barangay health workers’ workshops, senior citizens’ seminars, and annual national conventions on preventive cardiology-all aimed at educating participants for a better understanding of cardiovascular diseases and ways to prevent them thru lifestyle medication. His booklet, “Facts and information on Coronary Heart Disease” has been translated into seven local dialects and has served as a practical and helpful source on information for the average Filipino. He has used innovative means-utilizing the power of music and dance-to convey important messages on cardiovascular disease prevention and health promotion to the thousands who have attended his seminars and workshops for free.



Dr. Willie Ong

Willie T. Ong, MD, FPCC, FPCP, MPH
For Excellence in Health Journalism and Public Health

He finished his Master’s degree in Public Health at U.P Manila with the goal of helping offer solutions to the health problems of the country. A staunch advocate of a healthy lifestyle, he as effectively reached out to a large number of the population thru Doc on Call, his regular program at DZRH, his regular guesting in Salamat Doc at Channel 2, his weekly column in the Philippine Star, and several books he has written on healthy living. In all these, he has helped the public to become more proactive in their health to prevent common medical problems. He has also rendered his services without compensation to the Department of Health and other governmental and nongovernmental organizations to assist them in disseminating to the public their health-promoting programs.

He has founded the Society of Philippine Health History, Inc., the Cotec Tai Medical Museum, and also co-founded the Movement of Idealistic and Nationalistic Doctors (MIND) which inspires many young doctors to do their share in health promotion for their fellow Filipinos.




Lanie & Ely Matuga

Lanie & Ely Matuga
For Excellence in Community Service

With the missionary couple’s persevering efforts, they have improved the health condition of the members of a Dumagat tribe in the Sierra Madre range in Bulacan, inculcating on them sanitation and personal hygiene, proper nutrition, avoidance of vices; and sustaining other health-promotion activities in the community.

Since they joined the tribal community almost two years ago, the Dumagats – who are generally nomadic tribes-have learned how it is to settle down and build their community into a better place to live in with self-help projects. The couple has served as community leaders, counselors, and healthcare givers.





Philippine Heart Association (PHA)
For Excellence in Public Health Education
(Professional Organization Category)

As the country’s esteemed organization of experts on cardiovascular diseases, it has been a foremost and staunch advocate promoting the importance of a healthy lifestyle in preventing prevalent diseases of the heart and the blood vessels. Since 2002, it has consistently carried out a comprehensive healthy lifestyle advocacy and health promotion campaign for disease prevention. Its Mag-Healthy Lifestyle Tayo – a campaign integrating its anti-smoking program with a comprehensive program addressing the various cardiovascular risk factors, has earned citation in the Guinnes Book of World Records for the biggest aerobics group gathered in a single event. This highlights the public impact of its various health promotion programs.





National Center for Health Promotion (NCHP)
For Excellence in Health Education and Public Service
(Government Institution Category)

As the Department of Health’s arm in promoting health in settings where people live, work, learn and play, it has effectively executed comprehensive, evidence-based health promotion programs; and has enforced policies, standards, facilities and packages to effect positive behavior change.

Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle is among its major health programs, together with Tobacco Control, Breastfeeding Communication for Behavioral Impact, and Risk Communication. Its Lakbay Buhay Kalusugan (Kalusugan Pangkalahatan on Wheels) – a health promotion bus traveling to remote communities-has been very effective in delivering health information and basic health services to the poorest of the poor, emphasizing the message that by eliminating common lifestyle risks, they could improve their quality of life and prevent life-threatening diseases.

The Center also supports other DOH offices, international agencies, local government units, professional organizations and civil society groups in their health promotion and communication management processes.




Salamat Dok

“Salamat Dok” (ABS-CBN)
For Excellence in Health Education and Public Service
(Mass Media Category)

A multi-awarded educational, public-service, medical talk show, the program has helped raise public health awareness on prevalent medical problems in the country and how to prevent them with lifestyle modification. It has also given medical assistance and counseling to indigent patients thru weekly free clinics in the ABS-CBN compound.

The program has VTR segments promoting fitness and wellness activities, mental and emotional health; and simple, nutritious, affordable and easy-to-prepare recipes for a healthy diet.